With the help of the ONLINE ENGLISH CONVERSATION LESSONS you can improve your language skills and get really useful knowledge in English while watching scenes and reports, listening to news and every-day conversations, reading exciting stories and articles or making friends and communicating with other learners of English living in different parts of the world.

The ONLINE ENGLISH CONVERSATION LESSONS are based on a situation or a topic and depending on the skills they want to improve, they consist of:
  • some video, audio or written material, related to the current topic or situation;
  • scripts of the audios or videos and talking dictionary to the texts;
  • glossaries with the new words and expressions;
  • exercises to help understanding and learning, to practise, revise and test the level of your knowledge and skills;
  • communication facilities (forum, chat etc.) in which you can try, confirm and activate the knowledge you've just aquired.

The IN THE NEWS series consist of articles or reports on political and social events, mainly about Hungary and Central Europe.

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