GLOSSARY (download/enlarge)
Bully for "bully" Orbán's decision to stand up to the IMF and EU brutes (Adam LeBor )
The Times July 26, 2010

bully for someone - used for praising someone (well done, good boy/girl, bravo)
bully - someone who uses their influence or status to threaten or frighten someone else in order to get what they want (brute, despot, monster, savage, ogre, brute)
brute - stubid, animal-like or cruel person (monster, ogre, sadist, bully, despot, animal)
stand up to sy - not allow yourself to be treated badly, especially by someone in authority (fight off, fend off, hold off, cover yourself)
howl - a long loud cry of pain, anger, or sadness (cry out, groan, moan, yelp)
simian - similar to a monkey or an ape, or connected with these animals
utter - say sg/make a sound (say, talk, speak, express yourself)
rebuff - unkindly refuse or show indifference to an offer/demand (refuse, reject, decline, give a cold ear to sg)
austerity measure - An official action taken by a government in order to reduce the amount of money that it spends or the amount that people spend
moneycrat - ironically refers to global organisations like IMF and EU as the ones comitted to "moneycracy" - the government of money -, not "democracy" - the government of people.
God speed - A Christian substitute to the otherwise sacrilegious "good luck", which implies that anything can be random and out of the hands of God.
collapsig currency - the money in use in the country becomes too weak to exist
fiscal irresponsibility - the state of not being liable for carrying out duties relating to financial matters
go for sg - choose sg
byzantine - complicated and difficult to understand
stick to your guns - don't change your mind when others say you are wrong
at stake - to be won or lost, risked, depending upon the result of sg
wasteland - an area that cannot be used, has no interesting features or has been damaged badly (e.g. by war)
appropriation - the state of taking and using sg as one's own
by stealth / stealthly - secretly and quietly
premier - prime minister
pugnacious - quick to argue or fight with people (contrarian, argumentative, combative, quarrelsome)
tribune - a government official in anciant Rome whose job was to protect the rights of ordinary people
sloth - laziness, idleness or the name for a South American mammal which lives in the branches of trees and moves very slowly.
financier - capitalist
stringent - strict, severe, difficult to obey
suit - request to a superior
travail - a very difficult situation (crisis, trouble)
boom - sudden increase in trade activity
hustle - make sy do what you want them to do
hefty - big and strong
mortgage - an agreement in wich you borrow money from a bank and give it a claim on your property as a security for paying back the loan
loan - sg (esp. a sum of money) lent to sy
debt - payment which must be, but has not yet been payed back to sy (obligation)