Fund to Hungary: drop dead (maybe)
The Economist, Jul. 18th 2010.

pick up sg on the cheap - buy sg at a low price
give in to sy/sg - stop fighting or arguing and do sg as someone else wants to
wipe out sg - destroy or get rid of sg completely
a bone of contention - sg that people disagree or argue about
call for sg - say that sg must happen, demand or require sg
non-distortive measure - action or step being taken in accordance with real needs and circumstances
public or government spending - money expended by a government to pay for defense, development projects, education, health, infrastructure, law and order maintenance, etc., public spending is usually supported by government revenue
government renenue - opposite of government spending, received by a government from taxes, government-owned corporations, funds etc.
go out of one's way to do sg - make an extra effort to do something even though it is not convenient or easy to do
SBA, Stand-By Arrangement - a plan for what should be done if an emergency happens, especially the holding of money in reserve in the International Monetary Fund for use by a country in financial difficulties
dead set - firmly determined on one's purpose or on doing sg
lay into sy - attack sy physically or with cruel words because you are angry with them